Tema Siegel – Better (An Original Song)

Tema Siegel, a senior at Newton South, participates in Jazz Ensemble and Newtones. When she is not practicing and performing with these groups, she composes her own music. Although she tried her hand at writing in elementary school, she only became serious about it two years ago. Her influences include Lake Street Dive, Regina Spektor, … Continue reading Tema Siegel – Better (An Original Song)

Molly Walsh – Love is All, Tallest Man on Earth (Acoustic Guitar Cover)

Molly Walsh is a senior editor for the Photography section of Rasalas! When she’s not behind a camera, Molly enjoys playing music, reading & writing, taking naps, and drinking an excessive amount of coffee or tea (sometimes a cup of each). Continue reading Molly Walsh – Love is All, Tallest Man on Earth (Acoustic Guitar Cover)


The man sighs as he pulls on his well-worn boots, cinches his long coat tight around himself, remembering the last time he received a hug. Shaking his head to clear it, he slugs out of his small apartment and into the bitter cold London streets. He begins to drag his feet forward as he wonders … Continue reading Retail

Maria Teresa

In 1943, England launched a series of air raids on Italy in hopes of defeating the axis powers. Certain areas of the country were left untouched, however my grandmother’s hometown was bombed two times during that year. She was only six years old when she had to help her seven siblings assemble a bomb shelter … Continue reading Maria Teresa

3rd Grade

The chubby Nigerian boy burst into tears. They traveled down his cheeks through his chin and dripped onto his orange polo shirt. I stood there, staring as his cries grew louder and louder. I didn’t know much about him, only that he was a fan of Michael Jackson and that he was from Nigeria. His … Continue reading 3rd Grade