Free Write by Adam Zou

Rise my daughter from your eternal slumber in the lands of ice and snow. War has come and you must choose a side… Are you for the light or for the dark? Wield your weapon of choice, be it magic, arrow, poison, or steel. The blood of innocents has been shed and your people cry … Continue reading Free Write by Adam Zou

Stage 2 by Anonymous

The appointment shouldn’t be long. so I come with no restraint.  it smells like hospital. sour and muted.  the traffic of automatic doors is heavy this week, and I feel the draft raise bumps on my sore legs.   the upholstered chairs absorb the sweat on my palms. as I wait for miles and miles: … Continue reading Stage 2 by Anonymous

Fly By Sophie Sheklin

Fly   Ms. Honeyman It was recess, my favorite part of the day. I loved observing how my students interacted when they thought I wasn’t watching. It helped me grasp who they were as people and understand how to better help them. Josie was particularly interesting to me. In class, she sat off to the … Continue reading Fly By Sophie Sheklin