Parasite by Elie Zimring

Rebecca stood at the foot of the decrepit Wales Manor, a small suitcase in hand. A brown leather jacket fit nicely over her shoulders. A slight breeze brushed the back and sides of her neck as she stood still and focused, looking up at the ageless oak front door. All anxieties that she had been carrying with her in the six-hour car ride from Glasgow to Gloucestershire had faded at the sight of the Wales manor where she would be staying for the next few days. The purpose of Rebecca’s visit to Wales manor was to meet with her dear friend Margarette with the purpose of a friendly reunion. It was the first time she had been to Gloucestershire, at least that she could clearly remember. She had a vague recollection of visiting Gloucestershire as a small child, but she forgot with whom (she had assumed it was with her family of course, but there was no memory-based context of that event) and at what exact age. As she stood at the front doorstep, looking up at the ominously large house, a feeling rose up inside of her that she could barely recognize but seemed oddly familiar; burnt toast and dead animals, she thought. Rebecca gave the front door three knocks. Almost instantly, a creek of the door and a charming, light-hearted voice broke the silence of Rebecca’s surroundings. Continue reading Parasite by Elie Zimring

Godspeed by Ryan Liu

The Reaper-class dreadnought known as the USNF Olympus was the first of its kind, over a thousand meters long and with a crew reaching in the tens of thousands. It wasn’t really a graceful ship, resembling a long bullet with a pointed tip. Instead of dancing with space like most ships did, it punched a hole right through it. Continue reading Godspeed by Ryan Liu